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  • Limousine Bus fares for children apply from 6-year-old children to elementary school students.
    Free rides apply to one 5-year-old or younger infant/toddler accompanied by one passenger.
    However, if you want a designated seat for an infant/toddler, or if one passenger brings two infants/toddlers, children rates will apply.
    * You cannot occupy a seat if you do not have a valid ticket.

  • Reservations for limousine buses are currently only available on route 6103 (COEX City Airport ↔ Incheon Airport) Other routes will also introduce a reservation system

  • Yes, You can.

    However, you must refund your ticket at the original place of purchase.
    Please bring your credit card receipt and the card you used for the ticket purchase when you refund your ticket.

  • You can enjoy limousine tickets at a discounted price if you book for a group with 10 or more people. For more information, please contact the branch office that supervises the route you would like to use.

  • No. You can buy limousine tickets with cash, credit cards (automated ticketing machine in Gangnam, Incheon International Airport Terminal no. 1 1F bus ticketing booth, Terminal no. 2 B1F bus ticketing both, Gimpo International Airport domestic flight counter), or transportation cards (prepaid or postpaid).

  • Submit your limousine ticket number and ticket fare amount printed on your receipt along with your mobile phone number to our customer service office.

  • First, contact the branch office that operates the particular route you took.

    6103 : Gangnam Head Office 02-551-0757

    6100, 6101, 6102 : Gangbuk Branch 02-949-2313

  • You must refund your ticket at its original place of purchase. Refunds are available up to 30 days from the date of issue.
    Please be aware that limousine tickets do not have an expiration date. You can use your ticket on a later date to board the limousine bus.

  • You can purchase your ticket with cash or your transportation card at the following locations:

    6103 - 2F ticketing booth at the Samseong-dong City Airport Terminal

    6100 - Surak terminal

    6101,6102 - Gireum or Jeongneung

    Gimpo International Airport - Domestic terminal ticketing booth or boarding platform

    Incheon International Airport T1 - 1F bus ticketing booth or boarding platform (payment options at the boarding platform: transportation card only)

    Incheon International Airport T2 - B1F bus ticketing booth or boarding platform (payment options at the boarding platform: transportation card only)

    If you board the limousine at stations in the middle of route no. 6100, 6101, or 6102, you can board the bus without purchasing a ticket, then purchase your ticket when you arrive at the final destination of the limousine.

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